Dear guests, Welcome to St.Petersburg Jewish community center YESOD.

If I had written this introduction ten, or even twenty, years ago, it would have been an entirely different one. I would have written about Jewish values, cultural heritage, the diversity of human perception, and the importance of philanthropy. Today these ideas are no less important and perhaps even more critical than before, but I would like to write about something else that is probably more familiar.

In the contemporary world, there is everything that humans have only dreamed about: career, money, travel, and limitless possibilities including nanotechnology. The only things missing are: shelter, peace of mind, warmth, and tenderness. These you can only find in one place, at home, among relatives and close friends.

YESOD is home. Only it isn’t home for just one person, or family, but for all who need it. You can add any adjective to our home: Jewish, cultural, social, urban or international. The main thing is the very “foundation” (in Hebrew “esod”) of the idea of home. At home people are always happy to see you, they always help you, and home is always warm and protective.

Here you will read about all the programs we offer in our community’s home. We are proud of all of them. We have developed them in hopes of offering something new and innovative. At YESOD any person can find something to suit them whether it is kindergarten for toddlers, a student club, or assistance for elders and for people with limited abilities. However, the most important thing lies in one word: home. We promise that you will be at home here too.

Welcome to YESOD!

Maria Aryeva, Director of the YESOD Fund

‘If I’m not for myself, who will be for me? If I’m not for others, who am I? And if not now, when?’

Rabbi Hillel