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Support Yesod

Support Jewish community Home in Saint-Petersburg Jewish Community Home YESOD was opened in 2007.

Our Mission:

  • To develop Jewish community of Saint-Petersburg through social and cultural events which will raise the level of social responsibility, Jewish identity and knowledge in the field of Jewish traditions and history
  • To bring up new generation of educated and responsible Jews, who will take care of Jewish community
  • To create and develop tradition of charity and tsdaka to support needy members of community and to develop social and cultural life of community

We need your help to support such projects as:

  • Educational and leadership projects for kids, teens and young adults (Leadership project LEHAVA and LEHAVA Junior, camps for kids and teens «TIUL International» and «TIUL Piterstory»)
  • Educational projects for adults (lectures, work-shops, meeting with famous Jewish people)
  • Family projects (Family summer camp «TIUL», Family Sunday in YESOD, Family celebrations of Jewish holidays)

We really appreciate you support!

To support ESOD

Sum in rubles:

(1$ = 75 russian rubles aprox.*)

* please check exchange rate before donation