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Jewish organizations in Yesod

The Joint (JDC)

The Joint (JDC) is the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian organization working in more than 70 countries to save lives and strengthen communities. Our work puts the timeless Jewish value of mutual responsibility into action, making JDC essential to the survival and the advancement of Jewish life across the globe.



«ORT-St.Petersburg» was founded in 1992 by the World ORT — one of the largest worldwide international educational organizations that works in more than 100 countries of the world. In October 2018 ORT and YESOD launched common project called FabLab. We teach visitors of the YESOD (4+) and children from Jewish schools to work with different machines, 3d printers, plotters and how to program different microcontrollers.


Phone: +7 921 910-21-45

Jewish Family Center Adain Lo

This organization was founded in 1991 and today works in eight areas of St.Petersburg including the building of YESOD. Over 2000 members including children of all ages, as well as adults, take part in its various programs.

Members of “Adain Lo” do not only receive a Jewish education and meet new friends, but they contribute to building a strong, independent, and enlightened Jewish community in St.Petersburg. «Adain Lo» also offers social assistance while organizing programs for children with special needs and for single-parent families.


Phone: +7 (812) 321-68-90.

Hillel Youth Center

Hillel is a large Jewish student organization with over 500 centers in the U.S., Canada, Israel, Latin America, Australia, and Russia. Hillel creates innovative projects for Jewish youth ages 18-26. With Hillel you can travel to Israel for 10 days on Taglit (Birthright) program, participate in leadership trainings, creative seminars, and get to know Jewish traditions in a unique format.


Phone: +7 (812) 237-10-51, +7 901 303-72-66.

Hesed Abraham

Founded in St.Petersburg in 1993 Hesed Abraham is a unique Jewish welfare center that supports low-income, single, and needy elders. The center provides: groceries and ready-made lunches, reduced-price medications, personal hygiene products, social escorts, and help with challenging life situations. The charitable center also cares for children from families with low-income or difficult life circumstances.

What makes the work of the Hesed Abraham Charitable Center unique is that it uses an effective program to attract “golden-aged” volunteers. During the 27 years of Hesed Abraham’s existence more than 63,000 people received charitable assistance via the center’s thirty different programs.


Phone: +7 (812) 309-48-49.